Ever wanted to just speak your mind on certain topics or subjects? Well, we do all the time! This is the space where we will spill the tea on hot topics regarding relationships, religion, politics, society, you name it! It may not be factual based, but rather just our personal feelings and opinions. The goal is to highlights issues or topics others may be afraid to cover. Hope the tea is not too hot for you!




Most women have a guilty pleasure for fashion. This space always us and you to completely indulge in all things fashion. From fresh off the runway looks to everyday street chic. We hope to inspire the everyday Mom to represent the best version of her. Whether that is in yoga pants and sneakers or a pencil skirt and chic blouse. We will keep the fashion sweet like sweet tea.




The purpose of the healthy habits section is to provide our modern day mother with current health awareness. A women’s health is her total well-being and is not solely based on genetic or biologic factors. Our health can be affected by many factors such as workload, stress and nutrition among other things.  This section will be a designed to meet the needs of women all ages. There are great expectations in motherhood that extend beyond childbirth.  Whether you have actually given birth, assumed the role of mother, expecting or plan to become a mother, much is expected. It is essential that we preserve our bodies both mentally and physically. The essence of a woman runs very deep. Our bodies are the vessels that contain life at its most rare form. The goal is to provide information to keep your vessel at its peak health.




More than just a beat face, Beauty Beat highlights the best products, techniques and trends in the beauty world. Hair products, hairstyles, body products, and more will be the focus. Our goal is to keep young urban mommies up to date about all things beautiful.




This section is a space where you will find recipes and informative information on creating meals that are good for the soul. Oh and let’s not forget reviews of restaurants. We are not June Cleaver aka Leave it to Beaver’s mom, but we are Young Urban Moms finding our niche in the kitchen. Who has time to slave over the stove, when we are making moves to empower ourselves and our children.




This section of yummies is all about things to do with or without the kids. Every mom wants new, fun exciting crafts and places to go. So this will be a place of reviews, tips on how to plan and upcoming events around the Chicagoland area. I have always been an on the go person and having a child should not stop your flow. Taking time to plan and prepare will keep you in the loop. All Yummies should have a day out of the month to hang with girlfriends or even enjoy doing something solo. With all the chaos of planning playdates and extra curricular activities on top of home life, just stop and take a sip of wine! Hey sometimes things won’t get done, but the best part is you have another day to get it done.