Is Diet And Excercise Enough!

Good Health, is WEALTH! So let’s go for the GOLD! Along with our healthy food choices and hitting the gym, don’t forget those VITAMNS and SUPPLEMENTS! Getting the right about of vitamins help keep us Mommies moving! I know on many occasions I’ve asked myself, “What the heck should I take”. So, I’m sure you’ve done the same a few times as well.

Many of us believe eating right and exercising should get the job done, but I personally believe adding a balanced diet can aid in getting those much needed nutrients as well. Often we get discouraged by lack of desired results (which isn’t always just weight loss). There are many factors that play a role in us reaching our goal. Here are some of the Most Common factors:

*High Processed Diet

*Poor Soil Quality

*Low Stomach Acid or Digestion Issues


*Prescription Medication

*Avoiding Food Groups

*Genetic Factors

*Low Fat Diet

There are not always clear signs of nutritional deficiencies. Identifying them can range from; hair loss, weight gain, headaches, neurological symptoms (tingling/numbness), skin changes and even depression. In some cases there are no actual abnormal symptoms. There is a way find out what you may be lacking, if anything at all. There are simple blood tests, your doctor can order- to test white bloods cells. These cells measure your bodies function of nutrimental components, including vitamins and amino acids. All which are key factors in the body ability to function at its BEST.

Simply identifying these, could be the missing piece to your puzzle. A healthier LIFESTYLE, involves the whole you MIND, BODY and SOUL!

Always remember to be, HAPPY and HEALTHY!


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