Love Your Lines

Love your lines ladies!!! Your lines are your stretch marks, a roadmap to who you are. Stretch marks are shiny lines on the skin of the tummy, breast, thighs, or butt area caused by prolonged stretching of the skin and weakening of elastic tissues, pregnancy or obesity can cause this.

I have struggled with insecurities about my stretch marks since the birth of my daughter. I tried pretty much every product during pregnancy and after. Nothing helped, here  recently though I have begun to embrace them.

In a world where getting tummy tucks, fat transfers, and breast augmentation is becoming the norm. I was humbled to hear a mainstream artist like Kendrick Lamar speak out about being natural. In his latest song Be Humble, Kendrick states “show me somethin’ natural like ass with some stretch marks.”

This has to resonate with so many women because many women bear them. If NOT you are blessed in your heredity! Thank your mother for great genes! As women we can get caught up with what society believes our bodies should look like, but I’m here to tell you DON’T!

I can honestly say that my daughter thinks my body is beautiful and she runs her hands over my tummy all the time. This use to bother me, but now I’m like whatever!  It is important to me that my daughter sees me, loving myself flaws in all, so that she loves herself too. The lines are a part of me, who I AM.

Dare to take the challenge to love your lines.


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