Lunchbox Switch Up

Last school year I found myself preparing the same ole’ turkey sandwich for my daughter everyday. So, I thought if I’m tired of making it, then she’s probably over it too? I’m on a mission to pack something fun, delicious, and healthy this school year. If you too are suffering from basic lunches, then here are a few ideas to make it better. To build a better lunch you should stick with these 4 categories. Protein, veggies or fruit, something crunchy, and something sweet. Protein will help to ensure that your child stays full until the end of the school day. Veggies and fruit are important to a child’s daily diet, so get it in where you can. Something crunchy just adds texture to the meal, and something sweet gives your child a reward. I’ll admit you will have to sit down and think about what your child eats to create fun healthy meals. Here are a few new ideas I’ll be trying this year.

Breakfast for lunch

*Mini Pancakes

*Sausage links




*Hard boiled egg

Turkey Apple Cheese Pockets


*Apple Slices

*Cheese Slices

*Sweet potato chips


*Apple Cinnamon Crunchies

Remember you know what your child will eat, so start introducing these ideas now. You want to make sure they will eat the food you are preparing for them. If you have any ideas leave them in the comment box and I’ll BE SURE to SHARE.


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