Millennial Moms are WINNING at Parenthood!

Millenial Moms are doing the damn thang! Better known as Generation Y, Millennials were born between 1980-1997, thus we range in age from 18-35 years old. We grew up in an electronic filled society with increasing access to the online sphere and social media. We are the most ethnically diverse generation with a huge “follow your dreams” mindset (thanks to our parents). We are confident and overly optimistic (which can benefit us & set us back at the same time). All this is spilling over into our parenting style.

So why are we winning at parenthood over Baby Boomers?

  1. We are not for the shits: Bad grades & bad behavior are absolutely unacceptable & punished.
  2. We do not bullshit our kids: We do our best to be honest about societal issues including religion, politics, & the world in general. We never want to pacify them or create a bubble. We don’t lie about Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, or Easter Bunny. Following convention or tradition are not our main concerns.
  3. We have conversations with them like adults: Which fosters language & brain growth.
  4. We are not afraid to parent alone: Because we are opting to marry later ( in some cases not at all) or our relationships fail we do not fear raising little ones alone.
  5. We speak more openly about sexuality: With a more open environment of queer, lesbian, gay, transgender, & polyamorous relationships we desire to be the first to discuss it with our kids.
  6. We deeply support their personal interests: Whether it be music, sports, acting, art, etc. we invest in what makes them tick & why.
  7. We respect their privacy: Our goal is to build trust.
  8. We support their curiosity: They inquire so we reply.

Our main goal is to raise self-sufficient individuals who are more well-rounded, open-minded, & non-judgmental. We do not want lazy, entitled, narcissistic, spoiled brats; which unfortunately is the exact description of most of the millennial generation. We are aiming to take the best of what our parents taught us & evolve it; & we are doing a damn good job!

Keep up the great job Millennial Moms! We are #WINNING

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