Traveling by yourself would seem stress free right? Wrong! Traveling with out the kid(s) can be stressful, because it takes preparation. Not only are you preparing an itinerary for yourself, but for the child too. There are many things you need to consider before traveling solo, like who’s going to keep your child, activities, food, medical. I recently experienced this while preparing for my birthday trip. I had to strategically plan everything out to make sure my daughter would have the best care.

Here are a few tips to ensure you enjoy your time away:

  1. Make sure your child will be with a trustworthy person. (Parent, grandparents, etc.)
  2. Prepare clothing for the days that you will be gone.
  3. If you will be traveling abroad, plan to get an international phone plan.
  4. Fill out a medical consent form (this can be found free at
  5. Try to make sure that the schedule of the child stays as close as it can while you are away.
  6. Remember to take the time to enjoy YOUR vacation!

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