Summer ’17 Wedding Chic

So many of my college friends jumped the broom during the summer months! As summer is the most popular time of year for weddings to occur. I mean who doesn’t love a warm, sunny, Saturday afternoon filled with delicious food, strong drinks, and good vibes?!

But as a guest the second thing you focus on (first is whether you are eating chicken, beef, or fish) is what you will wear. No girl sets out to overshadow the bride, (which you never will even if you try, so please don’t) yet you also want to make a fashion statement in your our way.

The one item I would advise NOT to wear is, a long dress. I’m sure you thought I was going to say white. That is an old fashion faux pas, some engaged couples, depending on the theme & location, actually request guests to wear white. So that is not a major issue. As for a long dress though, it’s already hot and long dresses, especially certain fabrics, only make you hotter. Even in an air conditioned reception hall, once that open bar liquor starts flowing so will the heat, and you do not want to spend the night fanning your vajayjay! So keep it short or just below the knee.

These affordable looks will keep you summer wedding chic:

Bold Backless 

Be bold, go for a dress that shows some skin! These backless dresses will catch attention even when you are walking away.

AKIRA, Bring Me Flowers Ruffle Detail Sleeveless Dress, Hot Pink


ASOS, Structured Extreme Sleeve Mini Dress, Orange

Flourishing Floral 

Prints are EVERYTHING! Especially in florals. Some people may be allergic to flowers, but these flirty floral looks will be sure to brighten anyone’s day.

AKIRA, I’m Your Date Hi-Lo Dress, Blue Multi


ASOS, Floral Pinny Midi Dress w/ Peplum, Multi

Lady Lace

Lace is so feminine and always reads chic. Take a risk with an unexpected lace sleeved dress or a dress with a lace overlay. Either way you will be sophisticated.

ASOS, Misguided Bardot Embroidered Puff Sleeve, Cream


Nordstrom, Rebecca Floral Lace Midi Dress, BLK/NUDE

Off The Shoulder Sass

Off the shoulder dresses are so classy, yet sexy. Don’t be afraid to bare those shoulders, especially if you have a great neckline.

AKIRA, Call Me Over Peplum Dress, Red





ASOS, One Shoulder Fold Scuba Pencil Dress, Orange


Nordstrom, Ava Off The Shoulder Dress, Tulip Pink

Jazzy Jumpsuit

All of my closest friends know I LOVE to wear a banging jumpsuit! So a wedding is no exception, if it is tailored and jazzy I’m wearing it!


AKIRA, Floka Side Ruffle Jumpsuit, White


ASOS, Occasion Jumpsuit in Floral Jacquard with Frill and Exposed Waist, Floral


As a wedding guest, remember to always wear appropriate attire. Never wear something you wouldn’t want someone wearing to your wedding. Wedding’s can range from formal to casual so dress accordingly. The location will typically indicate the style of wedding to take place. When in doubt always inquire with the bride or groom. Otherwise, choose a style that fits your body type and have fun!

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