Top 10 Rules for Visiting a New Mommy!

So we all either know someone that has recently had a baby or is currently expecting. When visiting a new Mom there are etiquette rules that one should follow in order to avoid pissing her off and as a result not being invited back any time soon.

10. DO NOT over stay your welcome.

Initial visits should be 20-30 minutes, longer stays as weeks & months pass. If you see a Mom is ready to breastfeed, pump milk, or sleep please LEAVE.

9. Talk about something other than the baby.

Most Moms have been out of the loop so they will be glad to hear a little gossip or even what’s currently happening in your life.

8. Ask how SHE is doing & her overall experience.

Whether it is her first birth or 4th, each time is different and she may be excited to tell the story.

7. DO NOT ask to hold the baby! 

Moms, especially first time Moms, are very over protective and feel uncomfortable with people holding their child, so just wait until she offers. (She may not, so be prepared to just look)

6. Do something around the house for her.

Laundry, dishes, taking out garbage, re-arranging, etc.

5. Please leave your child(ren) at home.

A new Mom need all the peace and quiet she can get; even if she has other children. In addition young children carry a lot of germs and the last thing she needs is to get sick or have a sick  newborn. Which leads to rule number 4.

4. DO NOT come sick, even if it’s just a “cold.” You are still sick so stay your ass at home!

3. WASH your hands.

Nothing will get you the side eye more from a new Mom than you not washing your hands before you reach for her newborn.

2. Bring food or even some coffee.

If you know her favorite meal, or favorite drink from Starbucks pick it up on the way.

1. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS call or text in advance.

Labor is a real mother, and having a c-section (I had one with my first son) is major surgery and requires even more time to heal than vaginal birth. So be considerate and ensure the new Mommy is up to a visit first.

Now let’s review the most important rules, do not come empty handed, do not stay too long, and please wash your hands before you reach to hold the beautiful newborn. If you break these rules, and get cursed out, let’s just say I told you so!


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